Lots of persons who get started on the path to quitting marijuana encounter peculiar and vivid desires. Some say they are just quite odd and nonsensical and other explain them as nightmares but the typical ingredient that quite a few who encounter such dreaming soon soon after they have stopped cigarette smoking pot is the clarity and vividity of such desires which has astonished and usually scared them.

I was imagining on this and wondering if it has to do with marijuana and it is impact on memory. Lots of research have proven that too much usage of marijuana can lead tom quick term memory decline and around a for a longer period time period lengthy term memory decline as nicely as absent mindedness and a normal lack of clarity.

How this inbound links to memory is that I was reading up on how they imagine that desires are a way for the intellect to sort out your recollections when you are asleep primary to better cognitive functions and better clarity of memory.

It looks to me that the chemical processes in your human body and intellect that are likely on when you smoke marijuana inhibit the working of memory and usually problem fixing qualities too. When we give up cigarette smoking marijuana and the human body starts off to thoroughly clean out the THC and other impurities then our brain starts off bettering its memory and functions all over again which potential customers to the vivid desires as the intellect furiously works to maintenance the hurt the pot has done and perhaps they could possibly seem to be all the much more true and very clear because it has been so lengthy due to the fact an ex addict has had such desires.

On the other hand quite a few persons imagine in the symbolism of desires and how they have indicating if you can interpret them and with marijuana staying primarily a psychological addiction there must be quite a few pent up thoughts and problems just ready to occur to the fore when a marijuana addict will become thoroughly clean of the drug and with on their own.

Most likely it is a mix of both of those with marijuana addiction inhibiting memory and brain function and the reasons for staying addicted inhibiting persons from discovering the psychological concerns that they experience? In any circumstance I imagine that having such drams should not be a little something to be scared or frightened of but rather to be embraced when quitting marijuana as it is of course a sign that a little something is transforming and if you are fully commited you know that giving up weed is a adjust for the better and so are your desires!

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Source by Michael Porteous