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Month: September 2018

Tips for Native Plant Heat Wave Gardening

Now that last summer’s extreme heat is behind us, it is time to take stock and see what we have learned. Although I have seen numerous articles (here and here – thank you, Jane S. for sharing these) on garden tips for nonnatives, including subtropicals, vegetables, and fruit trees, I have not found much related to native plant gardening. Below I have laid out some tips for pre, during, and post-heat wave gardening with native plants. I also made an inventory of my garden plants that survived and those that didn’t. Before the heat arrives Water thoroughly. You want the water to...

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PechuKucha, anyone?

Almost two months since my last post. Are you still out there? Well, it isn’t cause I ain’t been busy. Spent the summer in the Pacific Northwest and was relieved to get back to LA where the air is clear. Funny when our air is better than Seattle’s but that’s what happens when there are fires nearby. Since returning I have been playing around with PechuKucha. That’s a presentation format of 20 slides X 20 seconds. I first tried using PowerPoint, but the recording was a nightmare. Had it all written out, but I’d mess up on slide #18...

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