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The dust and blood went on ’till following spring. Vast useless on the open up fields no longer induced tears or sighs,

but to assume of just one particular person – Dolly – lit Jasper’s sustaining aspiration of that day he would stroll through the door in Jefferson County a free of charge gentleman, hoping to turn into a spouse, a father, and a pillar in his church.

Jasper Thompson – courtesy Monique Crippen-Hopkins

Returning Residence by Gilbert Gaul Birmingham Museum of Artwork present of John Meyer.jpg

Claymont – WVU Library West Virginia & Regional History Heart
Claymont was silent. The fences absent at any time considering that

Gen. Sheridan took them and the Washington

cattle sent south with the Union military – their walking meals provide: Washington beef cooked more than the fire made of Washington fence rails.

The Leader of the Herd – by Edwin Forbes

The Washingtons were being authorized just just one “milch cow.” That was punishment by Sheridan for using in two of their browsing close kin —

A Cow in the Pastures – Frequent Troyon – 1856.

troopers James C. Washington and Herbert Lee Alexander.

Sheridan forbid their release because he firmly believed with minimal proof they

fought for Mosby’s partisans. They equally died just before 1867 because jail hardships quickened their frailties. (Tombstone Inscriptions, p. 353, p. 378).

Herbert Lee Alexander Stone Zion
James C. Washington Stone Zion

That summer of 1865, John Trowbridge wrote that Charles Town seethed in resentment. ‘The war feeling in this article is like a burning bush with a damp blanket wrapped all around it. Seemed at from the outside the house, the fire seems quenched. But just peep under the blanket and there it is, all alive and eating, eating in. The damp blanket is the existing government coverage and each act of conciliation demonstrated the Rebels is just allowing in so a great deal air to feed the fire.’ . . .

the townspeople handed on the sidewalk, ‘daughters and sons of beauty,’ for they were being typically a high-quality-looking, spirited class just one of whom, at a problem which I place to him, stopped pretty willingly and talked with us.

I have seldom noticed a handsome younger experience, a steadier eye, or extra determined pose and aplomb, neither have I at any time noticed the outward garment of courtesy so plumply stuffed out with the spirit of conceitedness. His brief replies spoken with a enjoyable countenance, nevertheless with brief, sharp downward inflections, were being like pistol photographs. . . And no marvel. His coat experienced an vacant sleeve. The arm which should have been there experienced been shed preventing from his region. His just about savage answers did not transfer me but all the even though I seemed with compassion at his high-quality

younger experience, and that pendant idle sleeve. . .

His wonderful South was devastated, and her soil drenched with the very best blood of her younger males.

Going for walks through city we came to other barren and open up fields on the more facet.

Here we engaged a shiny younger colored lady to information us to the spot exactly where John Brown’s gallows stood. She led us into the wilderness of weeds waistline-significant to her as she tramped on, parting them just before her with her arms. . . A number of scattering groves skirted them and in this article and there a fenceless street drew its winding, dusty line away more than the arid hills. ‘This is about exactly where it was, ’ reported the lady, soon after searching some time amongst the tall weeds.

Bushrod Corbin Washington returned from yrs of preventing adjusting to the departure of his widowed mother to turn into a missionary in Asia. He re-married, faced just about insurmountable economic odds that would ultimately power him to sell Claymont out of the

family members and start more than in Washington Condition.

Richard Blackburn Washington’s family members felt the loss of what Gen. Sheridan’s males took the prior November when they also captured and took away the two younger Washingtons.

The two Richard and Bushrod experienced wartime losses but their alliances with the Confederacy during the war, either preventing or furnishing provides, disqualified equally from any claim for payment for their materials losses, and those that November were being considerable:

500 bushels of potatoes,

four horseloads of straw,

3000 lbs of bacon,

two hundred cords of firewood,

30,000 rails for fire wooden, four horse wagonloads of stacked wheat, two hundred bushels of housed corn,

40 tons of timothy hay,

150 head of sheep,

100 head of hogs,

30 head of body fat beef cattle, four mules and 3 horses.
This setback left them minimal monies with which to use from the a great deal-in-demand from customers pool of younger, potent, and expert freed African-American laborers functioning across the County, for those who could fork out them.

Though they lived following door, neither Solomon nor Jasper’s names look amongst those hired in Bushrod Corbin’s farm and payment records soon after the war.

Bushrod Corbin Washington’s Farm Diary 1867-1871 – Perry Room, Charles Town, Library

Resentment at their good deal could simply have translated into not trying to get the providers from a former veteran of the U.S. Colored Troops to until and improve their corn and wheat, or tend their hogs.

Solomon and his family members appeared to have located living preparations at Bushrod Washington Herbert’s Prospect Hill that experienced been expanded more than time to include the household, other buildings, a barn and even a graveyard. They would have in shape in, becoming a member of Solomon’s sister, Matilda, and brother Richard.

Solomon and son Jasper would probably be hired at Henry B. Davenport’s farm, Altona, straight away north and adjacent to the Washington farms,

Portrait of Henry B. Davenport of Altona, Jefferson County, W. Va. who in some 20 yrs would transfer his deed to the land for the homestead of Solomon and then Jasper’s family members.

As just one who experienced noticed hell and survived, Jasper plunged into his new existence.

Of those yrs, Doug Taylor of Charles Town relates from his family’s history that African American communities were being beginning all across Jefferson County, vivified by the new freedom, proudly owning one’s personal land, with a church and a university .

Jasper and Dolly joyously married October 28, 1869 with Beverly Kirk, presiding.

On Thursday, October 21st, a lot less than a month later,
Jasper took a direct in arranging an outstanding big party in Charlestown for the new corporation: the Order of Field, a celebration that bundled a procession to Bushrod Washtingotn Herbert’s “woods” with a band actively playing followed by speechifying. The editor of the Spirit of Jefferson in Charlestown, Benjamin F. Beall, lavished praise on the party:

Last Thursday was a gala day with our (African) American citizens, and they appreciated it vastly but in a method creditable to them, and in a design which would have mirrored no discredit on any neighborhood.

It seems that there exists in our midst a culture of the colored men and women regarded as the “Order of Field,” and it was the users of this culture, arrayed in proper regalia, and the two Sabbath Colleges of the city, that made up the procession. — To the first, there was a banner presented by the “colored ladies” of the city, in front of the previous Court docket-House. Upon this banner was the sizeable motto, “By business we thrive.”

The presentation was by Skip Houk, and the reception by Jasper Thompson, equally of whom acquitted them selves quite perfectly. Just after these exercises, the procession moved to Herbert’s Woods, headed by Moxley’s Brass Band from Hagerstown. – Spirit of Jefferson, October 26, 1869 – p. three col. one

Dolly and Jasper began their personal in-household neighborhood when Solomon H. Thompson was born August, 1870. (Monique Crippen Hopkins) – the first of fifteen small children.

The first, Solomon the fifth, named Jasper R. and the thirteenth little one, Frances – would continue to keep the family members memory fires aburnin’.

Jasper and Dolly’s first born Solomon H. – would carry the family’s methods ahead and significantly away, preserving its legacy with a strong brain and perseverance.

Shielding the Groceries by Edward Lamson Henry.
He was absolutely amongst the younger students who attended

Littleton Page’s university for African-American small children, situated conveniently ideal following door to the 2nd Baptist Church. Littleton Site would quite probably have taught all the subsequent Thompson small children, because they lived a brief stroll from the university.

Retained In by Edward Lamson Henry.

David Hunter Strother, who was a renowned writer/illustrator for Harper’s New Every month Journal and who grew up in the jap Panhandle, dropped in on this sort of a university nearby and quite a great deal in the same spirit of the Page’s Charlestown school rooms in 1874.

At the Mill, Winter by George Henry Durrie

In winter season (it) is usually entire to overflowing. In summer the attendance is diminished just one-fifty percent owing to the requirement of the more mature pupils going out to provider,

Harpers Ferry, [W.] Va., 1894 by Edward Lamson Henry

or participating in remunerative labor of some form. The small children were being of equally sexes, ranging

p. 458 – boy studying reserve.

p. 460 – more mature pupil

p. 461 – female at blackboard

from 3 to 20 yrs of age, neatly and easily clad, perfectly fed, healthy, and cheerful, with an unusual array of agreeable and intelligent countenances peering more than the tops of the desks. They were being also remarkably docile, orderly, and perfectly mannered, without a trace of the rudeness amongst those who really do not go to university.

p. 459 – Never Go to University.

Each factor moves by the silvery tinkling of a small desk-bell. The boys and girls are seated in different columns, and make their entrances and their exits by opposite doors.

William Henry Snyder (1829–1910) Tutoring the Small children at a Quiet Time

Proclamation emancipation, [Smith/Rosenthal].

The Chimney Corner by Eastman Johnson

Even though the vast majority of the pupils have occur into existence considering that the Emancipation Proclamation, there is nonetheless a number more mature than that party, and some whose recollections antedate the fantastic war. Yet in their vocation of schooling they have all commenced even, and it is relatively curious and amusing to remark the utter absence of any factor like gradation in measurement or equality in yrs. . . . .It may well also be noticed that the fantastic students are usually outstripped by the minimal types, which only goes to ensure the typically received opinion that younger plants are extra simply transplanted and skilled than more mature types.

Solomon H. Thompson – was just one this sort of younger plant that grew and grew, majestically fed by his inner push.

Wrote just one newspaper editor:

Campus of Storer College

He attended his property university until eventually he completed and entered Storer College at the age of thirteen yrs and in 1886 he graduated, but claimed that his education and learning was not concluded. Not obtaining glad his craving for awareness and ambition to absolutely get ready himself for life’s battle, he straight away

St. Johns College. Fordham, New York

entered Fordham College and at the expiration of a 3 yrs course, the very last year of which was spent in the place of work of a medical doctor, he began the review of drugs earnestly until eventually the year of 1889. He decided to go away for Washington, D.C. exactly where

Howard College Health care University

he matriculated at Howard College. Two months soon after his admission to reported college he was thriving and supplied the appointment of resident pupil to the medical center a place that is really prized by all health-related learners. He retained this place until eventually he graduated in April, 1892.

His brother, Jasper or “Jack” Thompson was moving to drugs also. The two brothers would wind up in Kansas City, Kansas for the stability of their life and amazing contributions.

All this time the conscientious Solomon H. was gathering details from his graying forebears even though it was nonetheless to be experienced all about his family members, down the again street of time.

The Thompsons, Nelsons and Saunders – families that worked for the Blakeley/Claymont Washingtons for lots of yrs, nonetheless lived in the vicinity of just one another and the previous farms.

From the “Down Memory Lane” part of the Spirit of Jefferson Farmer’s Advocate, courtesy of Edward W. (Pat) Dockney, Jr.)

They gravitated to the providers of the white-led To start with Baptist Church in Charlestown as they were being beginning to increase families.
his church congregation supported them and paid for Jesse Saunders to review at the Richmond Theological University. Charlestown businessman William Hill, a white Baptist, offered a great deal of the resources for the new Rev. Saunders for him to have his personal Church congregation, which was crafted at its existing site, (but an before construction than today’s), on Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue at the intersection of Summit Position Highway and Middleway (Rte. 51) Pike. It was identified as – the “Second Baptist Church.”

On August six, 1881 their church was concluded to get the Holy Spirit. Its first board of trustees, were being William Braxton, Ben Nelson – and Jasper Thompson.

On June 12, 1903, The Martinsburg Statesman of Martinsburg noted that two hundred African Us citizens left Kabletown and Rippon to coal tons in Pennsylvania and southwest, West Virginia

1906 – Arrive the Flood of Future

Late summer in Jefferson County stands out on the calendar for the heaviest rain storms in many years – a month of rains . hundreds of bullets and materiel on the Antietam Battlefield came to the earth’s area.

The American tale for a weekend that August touched on Harper’s Ferry – for superior luck.

W.E.B. DuBois, its leader stood there just before equally males and ladies for the first time in public and on American soil. He mentioned the ideas of a before long to-be fashioned corporation, to turn into regarded as the Countrywide Association for the Progression of Colored Folks:

The battle we wage is not for ourselves on your own but for all accurate Us citizens. It is a fight for beliefs, lest this, our typical fatherland, false to its founding, turn into in truth, the land of the thief and the property of the slave, a byword and a hissing amongst the nations for its sounding pretensions and pitiful accomplishments. In element, our calls for are crystal clear and unequivocal. To start with, we would vote with the ideal to vote goes all the things: freedom, manhood, the honor of your wives, the chastity of your daughters, the ideal to get the job done, and the probability to increase, and let no gentleman pay attention to those who deny this.We want entire manhood suffrage, and we want it now, henceforth and without end!

A community church group sang from Charles Town with just one Richard Thompson listed amongst the chorale.

by Richard Fitzhugh.

On the very last day – a Sunday – the attendees in their Sunday finest – picked their way more than soggy lands – their high-quality sneakers in hand – to see the creating that was the lightning rod of conflict for the wrestle. Standing in a characterless open up field stood the authentic “John Brown Fort,” in 1859 at the time the Armory motor household. Now, the brick crucible for freedom

Existence went on.

The skies cleared August thirty first – a Friday – in time for the eagerly anticipated Morgans Grove County Truthful and accompanying horse show showcasing a hundred entrants. Dry floor meant guests could established up their family members sized tents and remain all through the Truthful. That began Tuesday September 4th.

In two times, some thing horrible occurred.

Shepherdstown Sign up September thirteen, 1906
Editor Henry L. Snyder

A Tragedy on Charles Town District

A lethal tragedy, attended by some peculiar situations, happened very last Thursday afternoon at Gibsontown, a negro settlement about two miles south of Charles Town. A gentleman named Samarion, who states that his father was a Hindoo and his mother an Egyptian female, came to this region from Sidney, Australia, some eighteen months ago and situated in the vicinity of Charles Town. He was a songs teacher, and earned his living by next his occupation. He incurred the enmity of his negro neighbors by advising them to settle for white supremacy as a settled actuality, and his sights on this issue are reported to have aroused physically demanding animosity of Jasper Thompson, a colored gentleman, who, it is reported, advocated negro equality and was notably officious at elections in opposing the white vast majority. Beneath the leadership of Thompson, the negroes of the community are reported to have been persecuting Samarion and his wife in a variety of methods, Thursday Samarion notified Thompson to continue to keep his hogs out his (Samarion’s) good deal of he would get rid of them. This commenced the difficulty afresh. Someday during the afternoon Thompson went to Samarion’s household. Samarion states that his enemy threatened to get rid of him and made a motion to draw a pistol. Samarion immediately pulled his personal revolver and shot Thompson two times, and the wounded gentleman walked a number of measures and fell useless.

Sarmarion’s phrase was all they experienced.

The following March, Circuit Choose Faulkner gave Samarion two yrs in Moundsville penitentiary.

So it goes.

Monique Crippen Hopkins:

So, just one day, I was just carrying out my investigate on the Thompson family members like I ordinarily do – and

Shelley Murphy reported to me: “There’s somebody I assume you need to fulfill.” I reported: “OK.” So she place me in contact with Joyceann Gray. Me and Joyceann recognized that we were being connected through relationship.

Her Cross family members experienced married my Thompson family members – 3 various periods. So I explained to Joyceann that I experienced a good deal of details and we commenced sharing details. I reported: “I have a quote from the Thompson family members and our family members has some history out at the College of Kansas because two of the Thompson sons moved out there.” She preferred to see it. She reported: ”Can you ship me that quote?”

(I reported “yeh.” I didn’t assume about it. (delete) (Just after Monique sent the quote) – She wrote again to me and reported: “I sent (the quote) off. Is that Okay?” and I was psyched . . . in fact requested it.”

Very well that quote came again a lot less than a 7 days later and my total family members history was on this web site.

Slave names and all the things. Unbelievable, So surreal. I get chills just contemplating about them. My total family members history. So that led me again two extra generations to the authentic Jasper Thompson who was enslaved by John and Elizabeth Ariss, and his little ones – Fortune – was of the Blakeley plantation and then Fortune’s little ones ended up someway on the Claymont plantation. I’m not particularly confident exactly where that transfer came from. I really do not know how they went again and forth from Claymont to Blakeley.

Which is exactly where most of my investigate comes in. There is a good deal of documentation. Even soon after obtaining this family members history web site, Sarah Brown led me to a site that was place up by Scott Casper. He experienced tables of slaves listed and who owned them from the Washington family members. I located my family members. Just as they are listed on my family members Bible web site, they were being listed on these tables that Scott experienced posted up, which led me to even extra investigate. The entire investigate on the Thompson family members has been just one of the most remarkable journies in my investigate. So that’s quite a great deal my tale about the Thompson family members history.

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