From That Sea of Time.

“OR, from that Sea of Time,
Spray, blown by the wind—a double winrow-drift of weeds and shells
(O very little shells, so curious-convolute! so limpid-chilly and voiceless!
But will you not, to the tympans of temples held,
Murmurs and echoes nonetheless provide up—Eternity’s songs, faint and much,
Wafted inland, sent from Atlantica’s rim—strains for the Soul of the Prairies,
Whisper’d reverberations—chords for the ear of the West, joyously sounding
Your tidings outdated, however ever new and untranslatable)
Infinitessimals out of my lifestyle, and quite a few a lifestyle,
(For not my lifestyle and years alone I give—all, all I give)
These ideas and Songs—waifs from the deep—here, cast significant and dry,
Wash’d on America’s shores. ”

“Or from that Sea of Time.” by Walt Whitman

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