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Author: mandmweb

Lawn-less Sustainable Garden (continued)

St. Augustine is being overtaken by oxalis in the burned out front lawn. We are making big changes to our yard. As you may remember from earlier posts, I was not happy with the burned out lawn in the front yard. Years of drought left much of the  lawn brown. With city water restrictions, I watered for the large deodar cedar – deeply and infrequently – allowing the lawn to die back. Weeds invade weak lawns Weedy oxalis invading the lawn This winter I noticed weedy oxalis moving in. This is one of the most difficult garden weeds to...

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Successful Planting Party

Plant List Over fifty volunteers planted 209 native plants in the nature park on Saturday, January 27, 2018. This event, in honor of Martin Luther King’s call to service, included students from Occidental College, YMCA’s Youth and Government Program, and Professional Child Development Associates of Pasadena, and volunteers from the Bank of America’s My Environment Program and locals also participated. The plants were purchased with discretionary funds from South Pasadena City Council Members. So many people have given so much to change this once weedy and degraded land into vibrant habitat. Enjoy your nature park! Tools collected before the event...

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Planting Party

Volunteers planting during an earlier planting party In celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr., students from Occidental College and other local volunteers will be planting native plants in the South Pasadena – Arroyo Seco Woodland and Wildlife Park (South Pas Nature Park, for short) on January 27, 2018. Volunteers are welcome to come anytime during the day. We plan to start at 9 am and finish around 3 pm.   What to bring Volunteers should: – Wear sunscreen, hat, sunglasses – Bring water – Bring gardening gloves and tools (weeders, trowels, whatever you use in your own garden) –...

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Lawn-less sustainable garden

I got rid of the last bit of lawn in Wild Suburbia. We are lawnless, lawn-free, turf-be-gone, but definitely not grassless! Deergrass, California fescue, melic grass, purple needlegrass, and even the non-grasses, blue-eyed grass (in the Lily Family), and rush (sometimes called rush-grass, in the Rush Family) have a place in my garden and in my heart. Lawnless at last. This is the east side of the front yard before landscapers install a flagstone patio (set on a bed of sand). But back to my former lawn. You may be wondering how I did it. How exactly did I...

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Labyrinth Garden

I know that I have not written about my wild suburbia home garden in a long time. This is not because nothing is happening; to the contrary, the last piece of lawn has met its end! The small bit of turf grass – woefully out of place – on the east side of the front yard is no more. I have been watering the deodar tree deeply but infrequently, allowing the lawn to dry out between periods of irrigation. I then gave this struggling patch of St. Augustine grass a close crop using my weed wacker, and covered it...

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