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Author: mandmweb

Putting the Garden to Bed

In Vancouver BC, we have such mild winters – except last year! – that one could continue gardening through most of the year.  But at this time of year, most plants have slowed right down in their growth, and dropped their leaves, and so it is a time to “put it to bed”, do some tidying up, turning off hose bibs, removing garden hoses, and covering up pottery and other items which could be damaged if there were any harsh freezes. The weather has been quite wet, so I’ve not been motivated to do more than the basic cleanup. ...

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Native Plant Sale

Late autumn through winter is the best time of year to plant in Southern California, especially if you are adding climate-appropriate and beautiful California native plants. The San Gabriel Mountains Chapter of California Native Plant Society (our local chapter) is holding its annual sale on November 4, 2017 from 9 am – 2pm at Eaton Canyon Nature Center in Pasadena. Join Us CNPS Native Plant Sale Please join us at our plant sale where you will find a large variety of well priced, unusual, and low water use California native plants and wildflower seeds. (Click here for a preview...

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Pruning (continued)

The last two posts – Garden Gloves, and Pruning Gooseberries – segue into today’s piece perfectly. Since we returned from the Pacific Northwest I have been cutting back the humongous sunflowers in the front yard. I don’t usually pull them out; rather, I cut the branches and smaller stems until there is only a main stalk. Then I either pull it out or cut it to the ground. I cut the smaller stems into pieces and leave them on the ground as mulch. I dream about making some really cool garden sculpture with the stalks that can be six...

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Pruning Gooseberries

The following is a video of me pruning a fuchsia-flowering gooseberry (Ribes speciosum). I certainly hope it is helpful because it is definitely embarrassing! It is my hope that with time I will get better at this video thing, but for the time being, please bear with my amateur attempts. If you must laugh, please laugh with me, not at me – well, you can laugh at me too. Have fun, and hope it is educational. The post Pruning Gooseberries appeared first on Weeding Wild Suburbia. Source...

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Backyard Gloves

Backyard gloves drying after park cleanup. This was in 2010 prior to I started out employing the latex-coated polyester gloves. The cotton gloves are not resilient, they don’t keep on effectively, and they don’t give much security. Not only do I appreciate gardening, I appreciate garden resources and equipment. However, for very a though I have been employing inexpensive latex-coated polyester gloves that I get at Costco for about $1.twenty five for each pair (packet of eight, I think). I get these because I usually supply gloves for character park volunteers who don’t convey their have. The gloves can...

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