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Month: July 2018

Heat Wave in the Nature Park

The South Pasadena – Arroyo Seco Woodland & Wildlife Park (S. Pas Nature Park) is usually hotter than my home garden by a few degrees. It measured 114º at home and so we were concerned about how new and old plants survived the heat wave in the park. As  expected, it was a mixed bag. Many trees, old and young, exhibited significant leaf burn. The golden current shriveled up and went dormant. The toyons had significant leaf burn and younger plants don’t look like there is much chance of recovery. Some plants, though, seemed to be just fine. Surprisingly, the...

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Keeping Plants Alive in Extreme Heat

We are currently enjoying a balmy 99+ degree day. After the record breaking heat of 114º F on Friday, this is somewhat of an improvement. In this blog post I will 1) suggest practices to help your plants make it through the extreme heat; 2) share temperature data from my garden; and 3) give an update (and pictures) on how my plants are doing on day 3 of extreme heat. Tips Before extreme heat arrives Water deeply during the cool part of the day to hydrate plants. Spray leaves in early morning to remove pests and dust. The leaves...

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