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Month: April 2017

Katahdin Lodge and Camps 1969

Appear at all that front lawn I had to mow down there at Katahdin Lodge and Camps, in the summer months of 1969. At any time Finley Clarke’s Nephew, that’d be me, David Robert Crews, was living and operating at Finley’s Katahdin Lodge and Camps, David was the Lodge’s sole grass cutter and weed whacker. I wouldn’t have it any other way. And my Uncle Finley and his wife, my Aunt Martha, both of those totally agreed with me. In November of 1968, I moved, from exactly where I grew up in Dundalk, Maryland, a Baltimore County suburb of...

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6 Keys to Guaranteed Entrepreneur Achievement

I am frequently questioned, ” What information would you give to a person who has made the choice to start off their personal business?” To that I solution, “You can have the ideal entrepreneur thoughts on the earth, but if you do not abide by the 6 golden policies of entrepreneur success, you will never ever attain the dreams of which you are able.” Below are the essential components to entrepreneur success that all extremely profitable business owners share: 1. Acquire a millionaire attitude. No matter what your objectives and dreams, know that you can do it. You can definitely do nearly anything at all the you set your head to, and do not ever consider normally or permit nearly anything that others might consider negatively influence your quest. Get your head ideal. Be relentless in your quest, and it WILL come about for you. two. Have a obvious vision of why you are accomplishing what you are accomplishing. Know your “Why” in life. Yeah, economic success is excellent and we all want as a lot of it as we can get, but you have to have a intent other than just economic. When (not if) you get all that income and attain all your dreams, what are you going to do to give back? How are you going to aid others? What are you going to do that...

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